All consultants are available through the following phone number: 0900-0330. This number can be reached directly from The Netherlands, using a telephone line or a cell phone. For calling from outside The Netherlands you need to buy credits first (see below how). Some of the advantages of this helpline are:
– 24/7 Access to see if someone is available.
– You decide when to call.
– You decide how long you want the call to be.
– You don’t need to travel.
– Your call is anonymous.
– Instant contact with a professional or experience expert, without waiting lists or appointments.
– No need to set up an account.
– No obligations.

How does it work?

When you call the number 0900-0330 from The Netherlands, you will be asked to enter the box number connected to the consultant of your choice. When you enter this number, you will be directed to the consultant.

Using credits (necessary for calling from an other country)

You can also call the helpline by purchasing credits beforehand. Apart from the ones mentioned above, purchasing credits has some extra advantages:
– People outside The Netherlands are also able to call this number.
– You determine the amount you will be spending beforehand.
– You will be calling a telephone line, so you will be able to use a cell phone, without extra charges from your provider for calling a 0900 number.
– The charges for a 0900 number and the 0900 number will not appear on your phone records.
– People who have a 0900 block on their phone are able to call 0900-0330.
– You don’t need to use your credits all at once, remaining credits will be saved.
– You may pass on credits to someone else, as a gift.

How does it work?

Purchasing and using credits is very simple. The services we use are provided by Please read the following steps before you proceed, for you will be directed to another website where you can purchase credits.

1. Click here to purchase credits:

Here you will see the following box: “Purchasing credits” (note: the image below is just an example):













2. Enter your email address and choose the amount you want to spend on purchasing credits.

3. Choose your payment method: iDEAL or Bancontact.

4. Mark the box that says you agree to the terms and conditions.

5. Click on the button ‘Start de betaling’ (Start payment).

6. You will be directed to the website of your own bank.

7. After the payment has been completed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to use your credits. For the helpline, these are the following steps:

Step 1) Call the number +31 10-8889955 (using a telephone line or a cell phone)

Step 2) Enter your credit PIN (it will be provided in the email) and finish with a # (hashtag)

Step 3) Enter the number 0900-0330 and finish with a # (hashtag)

Step 4) You will be directed to the helpline (0900-0330). Subsequently you can enter the number corresponding to the consultant of your choice.

During your call you will receive a notification if you’re running out of credits. You may then decide whether you would like to end the conversation, or if you want to purchase new credits.

All consultants speak Dutch. Some of them speak also an other language:

Here you can find all the consultants who speak English.

Here you can find all the consultants who speak German.

Here you can find all the consultants who speak French.

They are happy to help you.